V-Traffic Premium DAB

Thanks to DAB digital radio and the TPEG protocol, V-Traffic is offering a suite of innovative multimedia data services, delivering the best traffic and travel information to drivers in several European countries.

Our V-Traffic Premium DAB is a lifetime¹, high-quality traffic service, providing drivers with the most relevant, up-to-date information on accidents, queuing traffic, weather and road hazards, and saving them time and money.

When included in embedded in navigation systems, V-Traffic Premium DAB permits to calculate the best itinerary or find alternative routes, based on actual traffic conditions.

Advantages of DAB traffic information

  • QUALITY: Fresh, rich and accurate information, from the best sources.
  • SAFE:  A more informed driver is a safer driver. Also, DAB traffic information is delivered to drivers as part of the car’s user interface, not on a distracting smartphone screen.
  • SIMPLE: Just like radio, it’s there as soon as you start the car. There’s no messing around with connections, apps or cables.
  • FREE TO USE: DAB is included in the overall price of the car – there are no extra fees or annual subscriptions. Plus, DAB guarantees you totaluser anonymity.
  • LIFETIME: The service is available in the car from the first day to the last. Even when the car is resold, the service remains inside, preserving the car’s resale value.
  • EUROPEAN: When you drive from one DAB country to another, traffic information remains accessible in your local language* with no roaming charges.

Richer, faster, better information 

Business model: ‘free to user’

V-Traffic Premium DAB is sold by charging a one-off fee to the manufacturer, who absorbs the cost in the purchase price of the car or navigation device (PND). The end-user benefits from a reliable and continuous service for the lifetime of the vehicle/device, without any extra charges, nor potential privacy concerns.

* As configured in the equipment.

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